About Beep Estate

Beep Estates LLC is a Real Estate Property Development Company that uses blockchain Technology application as a Tool to reward loyal customers. Beep estates believe that Home ownership is possible for all with the right formula. We believe that social capital is an ASSet yet untapped in Africa, With the right Technology and Social capital philosophy we Guarantee a duplex or a flat apartment for our clients as a reward for participating in our BeepCity Leverage program. Beep Estate is a Subsidiary of Beepmagnet International Group.

Becoming a Homeowner Within 12 Months .
Leveraging Social capital for Home Ownership.
Create an Equal opportunity for all Business Consultants to have a personal home ownership title.

Introduction of BeepCity Leverage program:

BeepCity project is one of the initiatives of Beepmagnet Group aimed to simplify the process of becoming a Homeowner in 12 months cutting across all works of life. Your status is not a barrier to be a homeowner in Europe/ America/ Africa . 1 year mentorship, BMToken Bonus , 15% to 30% Annual Discount to attend leaders Without borders business summit worth valued for $ 2000

With our Simple model based on cooperative Mutual Financing in partnership with GEI , we open the Door to all registered members to participate in this project. With a one Time out of the pocket subscription for BeepCity Leverage program of $ 1100 , $ 660 , $ 440 , $220 Which covers:

Who is Our Target Audience?

Anyone who desires to be a homeowner within a maximum period of 12 months should listen to BeepCity Business Consultants as they hold the key to unlock this door. We are Interested in individuals who can use their social capital, friends , family and associates willing to live in the same neighborhood to subscribe to this program with a one time out of the pocket BeepCity Leverage subscription.

The Problem:

With 60 - 70% of urban African households living in slums, Report calls for new approach to housing, lending and land policies Africa faces a major housing crisis due to rapid urbanization and a growing slum population. New, targeted approaches to affordable housing are necessary if countries want to take advantage of the demographic shift to make cities inclusive, spur economic growth and expand job opportunities, according to a new report by the World Bank Group.
“Adequate quality housing is critically important for economic growth and social inclusion,” said Mamta Murthi, the World Bank Group’s Acting Vice President for Africa. “Governments will need to join hands with the private sector to facilitate investments in housing by expanding access to and improving the quality of existing stock, while at the same time making it easier for people to access land and housing finance.

In many African countries, only the upper 5 to 10 percent of the population can afford the cheapest form of formal housing,” said Ede Jorge Ijjasz Vasquez, Senior Director for the World Bank Group’s Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice
90 percent of Africans live in informal housing, where living conditions are often substandard, unsafe and without basic services like water, electricity and sanitation. This report demonstrates that targeted interventions in the informal market can bring rapid improvements in the quality of existing housing stock in a number of African countries.”

The Opportunity of becoming a Home Owner in 12 months

Housing construction and ownership not only benefit families, but also create jobs for masons, carpenters, electricians and other trades. For every house built, five jobs are created. While investment in formal housing in Africa is low compared to every other region, a more strategic approach to the housing sector will encourage private investment.
The above reason is the spirit behind the BeepCity project, we believe as we embark on the continental project it will support social economic advancement in Africa, Europe, America and Dubai.
With the BeepCity Leverage program You determine Where you want Your reward to be Invested for our International subscribers, For the Africa region You select from beep estate current development locations which are accessible to qualified Business consultants. Our International Business consultants can claim cash reward or decide to invest in Countries where we have strategic real estate Investment , You can also take advantage of our utility token bonus as a subscriber of beepcity leverage program which opens the option to Stake earned BMToken for additional reward.

Our Housing Focus:

The focus of BeepCity project is to make luxurious Affordable HOmes acquisition and Investment easy, BeepCity project will deliver :

  • Terrace 4 bedroom duplex
  • 3 Bedroom Flats to her business Consultants

As a Business Consultant You have an option to choose between the two types of property You wish to subscribe For , developed by BeepEstate LLC Given as an Award upon qualification.


Beep Estates LLC is a Real Estate Property Development Company that uses blockchain Technology application as a Tool to reward loyal customers.