In major states and cities in Nigeria, Africa and other countries. We are not offering Land.
We are offering Finished apartments.
Property location list is released to those who have achieved 70% House and car Wallet requirements to select from. Our Out right property will be Announced soon.
For Beepcity Leverage program. You must have achieved House and car wallet of 70% to get property location selection option.
Yes offcourse, is as easy as ABC.
There is no new registration if you are already registered with GEI but if not, register yourself with Gei first, after that, subscribe as a BeepAgro Consultant, then subscribe in any BeepCity package of your choice.
BeepAgro Consultant subscription comes with a welcome package which can be collected from the stockist centre nearest to you.
There are thousands of stockist centres in states and Cities in Nigeria and other countries.
Upon subscription, ₦5000 will be credited into your product wallet, which is meant for Product Collection (welcome package) upon withdrawal.
During product withdrawal request, Kindly make your choice to select the nearest stockist close to your location.
Collect or write down the product withdrawal request code that will be sent to your email and present it to the stockist centre personnel(where you selected) for Product Collection.
The focus of BeepCity project is to make luxurious affordable homes acquisition easy.
BeepCity project is one of the nitiatives of Beepmagnet Group aimed to simplify the process of becoming a Home owner in 12months cutting across all works of life.
Beepcity project will deliver Terrace 4 bedroom duplex and 3 Bedroom Flats to GEI members who subscribe into BeepCity leverage program. As a member you have an option to choose between the two types of property developed by BeepEstate(Duplex or Flat). Outright Purchase of BeepCity Homes can be made and in 8months BeepEstate will deliver the keys to the apartment for you.
BeepCity leverage program is a program that runs in GEI, which supports low income Earners or Individuals who cannot outrightly Purchase a Home apartment in the BeepCity Project to partake-on and get their home. By subscribing to BeepCity Leverage program You have decided to reach out to others who are just like you who desire to own a home to their name, but do not have what it takes to outrightly do so. BeepCity leverage program is the Answer running on GEI portal.
We guarantee you a dream home in the beepcity project as you commit your social capital, family, friends and associates that desire to own a home or Invest on International real estate.

1. BEEPESTATE DIAMOND PACKAGE ($1,100 or ₦440,000)(Duplexplan).
2. BEEPESTATES PLATINUM PACKAGE ($660 or ₦264000)(Duplexplan).
3. BEEPESTATES GOLD PACKAGE ($440 or ₦176,000)(Flat Apartment Plan).
4. BEEPESTATES BASIC PACKAGE ($220 or ₦88,000)(Flat Apartment Plan).
Depending on your ability and determination, many have studied the house achievement plan and are determined to achieve it in 100days. No exact time frame.
Yes, you choose from the company property location list.
Property location list is released to those who have achieved 70% House and car Wallet requirements to select from.
It is expected for you to try and get your house in 12months, However, if you couldn't get your house in 12 months, nothing will be wiped-off from your account. You continue from where you stop in subsequent month or year.
Yes, but not mandatory. Off course it is one time subscription.
But you can only renew if you have intention to:
1. Always travel or attend annual summit.
2. Always withdraw earned cash and BMToken.
Yes of course, just by completing the remaining payment that can take you into duplex Package. The upgrading packages are already listed on GEI Portal under BeepEstate.
It will not hinder you not to get or collect your house award once you are qualified but additional benefits such as annual travel summit, cash and BMToken earning could not be earned or withdraw.
So the best is to renew since you have enough cash and BMToken to withdraw.
There are better ways to do this. You first collect the house and then map it for sale. If price negotiation is reached or balance, company or individuals can buy and pay you cash. So collect first and then sell.
When you get the first house (National) and car, You work hard, encourage your team and get the second house (International) and car which is to be achieved on level 4. Once you get these two houses and cars, there will be no more house award again for you.
However, Re-subscription after you have gotten your houses and cars would Enable you to be traveling for annual summit, earning and collecting Cash and BMToken always. You can also be making outright purchase of houses with your earned cash and BMToken.
There is always light at the end of tunnel. If you could not get up to 10 persons, what you have to do is to consult HARNESSRA for them to recruit for you. Harness Recruitment Agency solved the problem of recruitment for people.
You pay a certain amount of commission per person you want them to recruit for you. HarnessRA will recruit for you but does not give a time frame for the recruitment period.
Once payment is done, clients are locked into a Time stamp pool that runs on a FIFO/LIFO algorithm for Beepcity Leverage Program. As they get prospects who apply via their Business executive, they distribute these clients to subscribers who have paid for their services. Once the number of paid prospects is completed, you are removed from the recruitment funnels for the next paid clients in real time.
Clients MUST update their Beepcity Affiliate link or Username on HarnessRA as soon as payment is made. HarnessRA will not be responsible should a client fail to do this. Clients can also just subscribe for Beepcity leverage program via HarnessRA without payment of the recruitment Fee and still enjoy Bonus from HarnessRA in BMToken for paying via HarnessRA for Beepcity leverage program but can handle their recruitment themselves.

Beep Estates LLC is a Real Estate Property Development Company that uses blockchain Technology application as a Tool to reward loyal customers.